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About Us

Your Safety NET is a leading non-emergency medical care provider based out of St. Louis, Missouri. We are dedicated to the quality of service that our patients depend on every day. Our staff is comprised of trained professionals who go above and beyond their call of duty to provide a pleasant, welcome atmosphere to each and every person we serve. We are always ready to assist our patients by helping them find appropriate medical care, providing transportation for their appointments and other helpful resources, all at the lowest level of cost possible.

Our duty of care expands beyond that of a typical non-emergency medical care provider. We are able to care for those patients who are medically stable, but still in need of medical support. Your Safety NET drivers are certified to administrate CPR and First-Aid. They have completed courses in Defensive Driving and are Medical Transport Specialist Certified. If the patient needs be constantly monitored, we can accommodate them with a necessary aide needed during transport.

When patients are in need of a transfer between hospitals, Your Safety NET's services encompass bed-to-bed transport. We offer the nurses and doctors who have been nurturing a patient peace of mind by providing a critical link between care centers. Our continuous care administers relocation of a patient with the same level of care that the patient would receive from hospital support staff. At Your Safety NET, we continuously strive to uphold the highest quality of patient transportation for the facilities we serve.

Your Safety NET is dedicated to continually expanding our coverage area and providing our services in new areas. If you would like more information on how to get started with us, click HERE or visit the Services page.

As always, no service industry is legitimate without real testimonials from the people we impact the most. Here are a few things that people had to say about us:

"Your Safety Net is the most pleasant transportation company I have ever seen. In my experience with other companies, no one compares to what they will do for you. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a ride to their appointment."
Steven D.   Webster Groves, MO

"Excellent & efficient is what I think of when I think Your Safety NET. Their drivers are safe, reliable, very well-mannered and courteous. I don't want any other transportation company to pick me up."
Anne M.   St. Louis, MO

"They are a very professional and courteous company. I can tell that they wholeheartedly care about their patients that they help."
Mary S.   San Diego, CA

Getting Started With Your Safety NET

We are always looking for dedicated professionals looking for a fulfilling career in the medical field. If you are interested in becoming a team member, we have an online driver application that you can fill out and submit directly to our hiring department.

As leaders in our industry, we delight in the freedom that many of our job opportunities afford our full and part-time staff. Whether you are transporting patients to their doctor appointments or caring for them in their own home, our networking capabilities allow many of our team members to work flexible schedules. To get started with us, just fill out our online form and/or email your resume to our hiring department.