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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I schedule a ride?
A: If you are on Medicaid, you simply have to call (866) 269-5927. Request Your Safety NET to ensure you will receive us! If you are paying out of pocket, you can call our ride line at 314-660-2428, fill out our online form or email us. You may also chat with us live on AIM simply by clicking the link below:

Q: What types of places can Your Safety NET take me to?
A: While most of our requests are medically related, our network is capable of handling almost ANY transportation request! At Your Safety NET, we provide safe, comfortable transportation to shopping centers, social or recreational gatherings, almost anywhere you want to go. Our services are much more affordable than a taxi!

Q: What does Your Safety NET charge for private transportation?
A: Rates for most non-insurance requests are $25/hr. (1 hour minimum) with half-hour increments thereafter. Distances traveled outside of a 7-mile radius are charged an additional $1 per mile.

Q: Where will Your Safety NET pick me up at?
A: All trips are designated curbside service unless otherwise specified at the time of scheduling. This means that the driver will wait for a passenger at the curb of a public street, in front of or as close to the rider's house, building, or other safe designated pick-up location as possible. If you require door-to-door or bed-to-bed transport, make sure you notify the operator at the time of your ride request to ensure you receive the proper care.

Q: Where will Your Safety NET drop me off at?
A: For curbside drop-offs, the driver will drop the rider off at the sidewalk or another safe waiting area as close to the designated drop-off location as possible. Unless a passenger has arranged for special assistance in advance, the same is true for return transportation.

Q: How can I get in contact with my driver?
A: All Your Safety NET drivers are equipped with cell phones for communication. We encourage contacting the dispatch office for your driver's contact information if they have not already contacted you.

Q: What if I don't know when to schedule my return ride?
A: At the time of your ride request, an operator will ask how long your outing will last. If you cannot estimate what time you will be ready for pick-up, your return trip will be given a will-call status. This simply means that you will need to contact your driver and/or our office when you are ready to return home.

Q: What if my outing is taking longer than anticipated?
A: If it is apparent that your return trip will be delayed, please contact your driver and/or our office as soon as you are able to. This will help your driver account for the time change and they can adjust their schedule accordingly. Our transportation network may have to dispatch you a different driver for your return trip, depending on the circumstances.

Q: What if my doctor wants me to pick up my medication at a pharmacy?
A: If your doctor writes you a prescription and you need to stop at a pharmacy on your way home, you will need to contact our office in order to add this leg to your trip. If the pharmacy is not more than 5 miles out of the way, we charge a flat rate of $10 for the additional leg. For every mile over 5 miles, we charge an additional $1.

Q: Can I have the same driver pick me up for all of my appointments?
A: If you would like to request a certain driver to transport you, all you have to do is say so at the time of your ride request. We are certain that your driver would love to have you as a regular too.

Q: What if I have an emergency?
A: While our drivers are trained and certified in many different safety courses, our first obligation is to make sure you get professional help. We will call 911 if we believe you are in need of medical attention. We will rely on our safety training only in dire situations or if 911 instructs us to administer help.